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Jesus the Laver Teaches – Personally Touch People

Based on our previous postings regarding the Laver, we have uncovered a number of key attributes of Christ Jesus. Our intention is to use them as the model of perfection of what we are called to become. As we progress in this section, we plan on using these key attributes to help us better understand how our own actions and decisions compare to the pure light of Jesus’ life, hoping that they will reveal our hidden faults. As with any scripture that teaches us about Jesus, we have the opportunity to meditate on these stories and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to the truth. When we find similar circumstances in our own life we should ask ourselves, “What actions did I take (or not take) and what needs to change for me to be more like Jesus?”

The Holy Spirit at the Baptixm of Jesus

The Holy Spirit at the Baptism of Jesus

As mentioned in our previous posts, cleansing at the Brazen Laver was a prerequisite for entering into the Holy place of God.


The Brazen Laver In Front Of The Holy Place

The Brazen Laver In Front Of The Holy Place

This cleansing is necessary to enter the Holy place of God because it is a place of relationship with the Father, enlightenment from God, and victory in spiritual warfare. The physical washing at the Tabernacle Laver is symbolic of the spiritual cleansing necessary for us to enter into a more intimate relationship with Jesus. Therefore, we must focus on Jesus our Laver to clearly see ourselves in His light, so that we may invoke the Holy Spirit and achieve the purification necessary for a closer relationship with God. Once achieved, we will find a loving relationship that will enlighten our pathway and empower us for the ministry He has chosen for us. This purification can come only through Christ Jesus because He is the one living Tabernacle that came down from heaven, and He is the fulfillment of the Tabernacles’ Laver.

In prior postings we spent quite a bit of time looking at the actions and words of Jesus that support our claim that He is the fulfillment of Tabernacle prophesy. It may be a good idea to review these postings as some points in them are reference in this document.






So now we will proceed with our list of the attributes of Jesus that pertain to the reflections of Jesus our Brazen Laver. I hope that you will be able to use this section on “Jesus the Brazen Laver Teaches – Personally Touch Other People” to better understand who Jesus is and to also apply the model of Jesus the Laver to your life.

Personally Touch People

In washing His disciple’s feet, Jesus touched each disciple.

Jesus Washes Disciples Feet

Jesus Washes Disciples Feet

In fact, the disciples were being touched continuously by the teaching and demonstration of spiritual truth in the ministry of Jesus.

Jesus And The Multitude

Jesus And The Multitude

They were with Him constantly as He ministered to others. They listened as He taught others, and they witnessed the miracles He performed.


In addition, they received the benefit of His personal explanations, teachings, and warnings regarding the Scribes and the Pharisees. They witnessed Jesus’ special relationship with the Father in the Transfiguration on the mountain and in the ascension of Jesus into Heaven.

The Transfigured Jesus With Moses And Elijah

The Transfigured Jesus With Moses And Elijah

The disciples had to be touched by these events as they witnessed the glory of God demonstrated on earth. The Bible asks us to follow in Jesus’ foot steps. Therefore we must touch people personally. Not just in the laying on of hands, but in stepping out in faith and expecting to witness the glory of God demonstrated by the power of the Holy Spirit right here on earth. There should be healing of the sick, the resurrection of the dead, miraculous provisions for the poor, and miracles of all kinds demonstrated for all to see God’s love for His people. God’s heartfelt desire is to wipe away every tear and provide every good thing for His people.

Jesus The Alpha And the Omega

Jesus The Alpha And the Omega

After all, the Father gave His own Son. Why would He spare anything else for those who love Him?