Possess the Vision

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

I thought it appropriate to add a new section to this blog that communicates a vision that God has given me and how it came to be. To accomplish this I believe that it is important to get into the spiritual aspect of my entire life because in putting all of these pieces together the vision comes to life. Therefore, upon reflecting them all you will discover that the vision was not derived from a single “ah hah,” moment, but rather God revealed one line at a time, placing precept upon precept, as it has been with others.

So as we move forward from this point we will start with my earliest memories, and then move through my life, sharing my spiritual experiences. Initially, I though that is would be a nice way for you, the reader, to get to know me and my background.

The surprise was the eye opening discoveries that I uncovered while writing them. While writing them I came to realize that God had been working in my life from the very beginning; I just did not know it. He gave me people like my mom and dad, who were good people who cared for me and gave me good direction. He issued warnings of danger in ways that could have only come from Him. He showed me the truth of spiritual good and evil at a very early age. He took me by the hand and led me in the steps that I would walk. He closed all the doors but the ones that He wanted me to walk through. In addition, He protected me from harm time after time and did it in such a manner that His divine intervention could be the only possible explanation.

Things that have no explanation just kept happening to me, and they were always for my benefit even though that may not have been my perception at the time. I was blind to the fact that God was at the heart of these unusual events. This blindness made it extremely difficult for me to rationalize these experiences, even to myself. To me they were true mysteries. I rationalized them by thinking that perhaps I was just lucky to have escaped harm, or that I was smart for having the foresight to know a better course. In some cases, I could not come up with any rationalization at all so I pushed the entire incident into the back of my mind and kept my mouth shut. I thought that it was better than having the whole world know with certainty that I was out of my mind. These events would always take me back to the question: why were these things happening to me? Why me? I would discover the answer to these questions through the creation of this material.

Writing these stories down enabled me to see the big picture of what God had been showing me over the sixty plus years of my life. It revealed that God was protecting me because He created me for a purpose. God created me to possess the vision. When the time came and I turned my life back over to Him, He opened my eyes. Looking back on it now, I am amazed at all the things that He did to protect me or get my attention. The simple truth is that I had been dancing through life not paying any attention. I did not recognize many of the wonderful truths that God had been showing me. In some cases I did not recognize them even after I turned back to Him.

The future postings of this blog will tell the story of all the different ways that God has communicated with me over the course of my lifetime. Therefore, these posting will tell a story of the past, the present, and the future. More that this, It is a story that has eye opening value for everyone. In it you will learn the spiritual realities of this world and the next.

This means that you will learn about the realities of heaven and hell, the angels and the devil, the portrait of the bride and even the judgment to come, just as I did. It is a story of God giving me a purpose that came to me in a line upon line, precept upon precept manner, just like the Bible tells us. I have no recourse but to pass these understandings on to you so that you will also know the truth.

So fasten your seatbelt. What you are about to read will include some of the most fascinating stories you have ever heard. Many of them are unbelievable because they span beyond the laws of nature as we know them, and yet they are true. Many of the stories are parables. They communicate a true earthly narrative that is easy to understand while they also communicate a heavenly message. So be warned, you will be stepping into the supernatural quite often as you proceed through this blog in the future.

These events may shock you and in some cases even leave you mystified but my prayer is that when you are finished, you will also know how to possess the vision.