The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

I was drafted into the army in July 1965 and went through basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. After this I was assigned to an infantry training unit at Fort Ord, California where I entered the Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) program. The events that I will now describe took place near the end of my training program, around November 1965.

While in the AIT program, I learned that everything was done in a pre-specified order and plan. Typically, we would get up between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m., exercise and have breakfast prior to commuting to our daily training facility. This training took place at a different location each day depending on what we had to learn. Some days we would march twenty miles to the training site, and other days we would be transported by truck. If we marched out, we were trucked back—if we were driven out, we marched back. Most training days contained both technical and applied aspects. The training component taught us what we would have to do. This was followed by practical hands-on exercises to gain experience. For example, one day we received a lecture and demonstration on throwing hand grenades. This was followed by real life exercises on a range.

After our daily training we would return to our home base. We would have physical exercise once again prior to having dinner in the mess hall. By this time, it would be getting dark outside and night would engulf us. This particular day was Wednesday which was laundry day. So, after dinner we all went go down to the quartermaster to drop off our dirty laundry and pick up what we had turned in the previous week. I had returned to the billet, stored my clean clothes in my locker, and hung my dirty clothes bag on the end of my bunk. Almost everyone in our unit was going through this same process.

Just then, I looked through the window and noticed that the street outside of our building was lit up as if a high-powered spotlight was shining on it. As I watched from inside, the light became continuously brighter—until it looked like mid day out there. It was then that I noticed the fascinating beams of light streaming through the window. The light was so bright that I could see dust particles floating in the air. I looked out through the window again and saw other soldiers on the street pointing their fingers toward the sky. Since I was not able to see the source of the light, I decided to go outside and take a look for myself. I walked toward the exit door at the other end of the building. There were a number of GI’s standing around the doorway, joking and cutting up. Since they were blocking my path to the door I said, “Excuse me guys, I would like to go outside and see what is going on out there.” But no one moved, they just continued what they were doing. It was as if they didn’t hear me. I thought that perhaps they were just preoccupied in conversation.

So, I started to walk my way through them by using my body weight when necessary. When I came to the first individual and pressed my weight directly against him I was surprised that I could not get him to budge even one inch. In fact, I may have had better luck pressing against the building we occupied. I was so overwhelmed with this person’s strength that I took a step back to see if I recognized him. When I looked at him all I noticed was that he was not moving. It was as if he was frozen stiff like a mannequin. Then I looked intently at his face and noted that his eye lids did not blink and that his eyes were fixed in one direction. At that moment I noticed that everything was quiet. I turned my head and took a look around the room. I looked at the other guys who were standing near the door just a few seconds ago. They were stationary as well. I looked back down to the far end of the billet and found everyone there was motionless as well. It was as if time had stopped. It was like someone had pushed the pause button of a DVD that we were in. We were like a three dimensional picture that captured people in mid-stride.

All of a sudden, everything started simply went back to normal. It was as if the person who pushed the pause button decided to start the move again. Talking resumed in mid-sentence and everyone simply picked up where they had left off. I eventually worked my way to the door and went outside. The bright light had retreated back into the sky and the bright light had faded and the darkness returned. Only a faint glow remained in the night sky and it quickly vanished. I watched until it eventually faded away. It seemed to me that the light was moving straight up until it got so far away that it disappeared completely.

I asked one of the guys standing on the porch what he had seen. He said that a glaring light had appeared in the sky and that it had come straight down toward earth, getting brighter as it drew closer. Then it had stopped and hovered for a while. When it began moving again it went straight up into the sky, the way it came down.

At the time I was perplexed why this happened without my knowing the reason. Just exactly what happened anyway? Certainly no science could explain this phenomenon. I wondered why I had not frozen like the others. Or, perhaps I was and did not know it. What could this have possibly been, and why did it happen to me?

One thing that I do know is that a life-changing event occurred immediately after this incident. I started when I was called into the company commander’s office. This was a very unusual event for a grunt like me and it usually meant that you were in serious trouble. I entered his office with the standard salute and salutation, “Private Gordon reporting as requested, sir.” I stood there at attention as he asked me if I knew that I had a Type 2 profile on my eyes. “Sir, I do not even know what a Type 2 profile means, Sir” I responded. He explained that it meant that I was legally blind without glasses and as a result, I was unsuitable for combat and could not serve in an infantry unit. When he told me this I remember thinking to myself, after eight weeks of this training they somehow just figured this out? After all, my eyes were tested when I first entered the service. But this is how the army seemed to operate.

At the time, it never dawned on me that I had just received a huge break. After all, the rest of my unit would likely used to form an infantry battalion headed straight for Viet Nam. But, I never got to find out. We parted ways that very day, and I never heard from any of them again. So, certainly my fate could have been quite different.

I would never have thought any more about this event or its implications if it had not been for its inclusion into my book, “Possess the Vision.” In fact, I had never before made the connection between the events of that night and my removal from the infantry unit. Both events were very unusual and occurred practically at the same time. The first seemed to me to be like an angel came down from heaven. The second event was the unexpected discovery that I could not serve in an infantry unit and therefore would have to be transferred to another training unit and be assigned another military occupation. One has to wonder why these events occurred when they did. It is the time proximity of these two events that leads me to wonder if the two events could have been connected.

In most cases this type of association would be classified as a coincidence. It is only after reviewing all the other pieces of circumstantial evidence that I began to see the big picture. By connecting all the evidence, it appears that God had been intervening and protecting me all along. So why not in this case as well?

For example, remember the prior section that covered my dreams of being like a Superman, the premonition of the automobile accident, and the warning of the brick wall? These were all warnings but they were also followed by interventions. In one case the speeding car somehow stopped, in another I pulled my head away prior to a crash, and in the third, the stalled car miraculously started on seemingly the last turn of the starter. You will learn of more events of this type as you continue through this blog