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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


After I entered elementary school, I started to encounter things that could not be explained by the laws of physics. Some call these strange experiences ESP or extrasensory perception. I would dream things that would come true and know things that were to happen before they occurred. I have been publishing a series of my experiences here in an effort to communicate how God repeatably warned me of danger through the years of my life. In today’s story, I travel through space and time to gain prior knowledge to a horrible event that about to happen. This event changed world history and is still a topic that is still examined, researched and analyzed to this day. I happened shortly after I graduated from high school.


I was still living at home with my mom and dad at the time and was delivering pizzas at night for income. I did not have a car, so I walked to work every day arriving at about four o’clock in the afternoon and then returned back home again around midnight on weeknights and two in the morning on the weekends. One November night while I was walking home alone, I felt a big emptiness inside. It is difficult for me to explain, but I had a guilty feeling down in my gut. I had experienced these feelings before when I did something very wrong to someone but that was not the case here. This was a much larger emptiness than I had ever felt before, it was as if an enormous injustice had been done.

When I arrived home from work that night I was exhausted so I went straight upstairs to my room and went to bed. It was then that a phenomenal experience began to happen to me. As I was dozing off to sleep, I would awake with a start as I sensed that my legs were floating off the bed and into the air. As I was quite concerned about this feeling I sat straight up in bed and touched my hands to my legs to ensure that, yes, they were still there. Rationalizing that this must have been part of a dream I decided to simply ignore the floating sensation and go back to sleep. So, I bedded down a second time, intent on getting some desperately needed sleep and dozed off again, only to wake with a start a second time sensing that my entire body had been lifted two feet above my bed and was floating there. Once again I sat straight up immediately only to find myself in bed as normal once again. I thought to myself, this is crazy, I am extremely tired, most likely coming down with a cold, the flu or something like that. I once again determined to ignore these weird sensations because I needed the sleep. So, when the sensation of floating up off my bed reoccurred I simply ignored it, hoping that it would go away.


Floating up from my bed.

The sensations did not go away however and my body not only floated up off my bed, but it passed effortlessly through the ceiling and roof of my house as well. From there my ascent continued rapidly up into the sky and I passed through a cloud layer. Eventually, I stopped traveling straight up and started moving in a direction parallel to the earth. I continued on this course for quite some time and as I traveled through the night sky, I could feel the air getting warmer. This meant to me that I must have been traveling south. Then I started descending, and I saw a city full of lights ahead of me. I continued a gradual descent until I arrived at the side of a tall brick building without any visible windows. In addition, I saw streetlights arrayed in a straight line in front of the building and parallel to the curb. Each streetlight was made of metal and they curled over at the top like the hook at the top of a candy cane.

Then, I noticed a woman standing beneath one of the street lights who had her head was down, and who was sobbing uncontrollably. As I hovered above her I watched her and felt great compassion for her grief.

Woman standing under the street lights.

I started to wonder what had gone so wrong that caused her sadness and I wondered if I might be able to help her in some way. Could she hear me if I spoke I wondered? Then I wondered if I could even speak. I deduced that I had nothing to lose and tried to speak but no sound came out. It was as if there was not enough air to speak. For a moment I contemplated abandoning my effort to speak but committed instead to try to use a louder voice. This time it worked as I said to her, “What is wrong lady?” and then watched for a response. She did not respond but kept sobbing as if she did not hear me. Then, I thought perhaps she will indeed, not be able to hear me. Not giving up I spoke once again increasing the volume, “Why are you crying1?”

To my surprise she answered without looking up, “Why, don’t you know? Don’t you know that today they killed the President?”

At that instant, I don’t know how, but I was instantly transported back to my bed. I was sitting straight up once again but this time I was thoroughly soaked in sweat. My heart was pounding so hard that I thought it might explode and I was breathing like I had just run a four-minute mile. I looked around my room only to find that I was still alone in the dark. I sat there for several minutes waiting for my body to cycle back down to normal. I did not know what to think about what had just happened. The thought of the President being killed seemed a very improbable thing to me. I admired President Kennedy, and I believed that he was doing good things for our country, so I guess that his death was not something that I wanted to accept. Once again, I rationalized that although this out of-body experience seemed very realistic it, nevertheless, must have been a bad dream, so I once again went back to sleep.

When I got up the next morning, I still felt out of sorts even though I had slept in because of the hard night. I found myself at home alone as dad was more than likely working, and mom was probably out shopping. I went to the kitchen for some breakfast prior to starting my walk to work. I somehow felt displaced, like I was somewhere that I was not supposed to be. As I walked to work things just did not seem normal. For one thing, it was an overcast and gloomy day and the typically busy street that I walked along had almost no traffic for some reason. Where were all of the cars and people I wondered? It was an unusually quite walk that morning as there were no birds chirping, no horns blowing, things were eerily quite. I wondered if everything had died. Then I had that empty, hollow feeling inside of me again.

When I arrived at the pizza restaurant where I worked I entered through the back door that led to the kitchen. The owner was there watching the television as I entered. He seemed extremely angry and he shouted at me, “Do you know what those crazy people did today?” I thought to myself, “oh no!” For it dawned on me that I certainly did know and being horror stricken, I shouted back, “They killed the President.” His mood turned quizzical and he asked me how I could know this because it had just been announced on television. I just shook my head and did not answer him. I was thinking that I could never explain what had happened to me the prior night.

I do not know why or how this happened to me. Was there something that I could have done to change things? I don’t think so. Perhaps just telling the story is sufficient. Or, perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye. After all, the woman under the street light said, “They killed the president.” Perhaps the experience I had indicated that a coup took place and that an evil organization was now subverting the will of the people to self rule.

I still wonder what was the value for me to know of the assassination in advance. Perhaps it was another warning of impending danger. There are many people who believe that this event was a major turning point in our country, one in which was necessary to change the nature of our democracy and the direction of our country.

Interestingly, I recent viewed a video entitled “Dark Legacy,” which was about President Kennedy, his policies and actions as President as well as the circumstances of his death. In this movie they demonstrate that time and again Mr. Kennedy took actions for peace. As a part of this demonstration they included a clip of a speech that John F. Kennedy gave to the United Nations in 1961. In it he stated that he would seek a treaty with Russia to ban on long range missiles but ultimately his intention was total disarmament of both Russia and the US as well as the elimination of all weapons and all armies from the world. I recommend that you view this film for yourself. You can find it on netflix.com. If you do not have a subscription you can get a free thirty day trial with no obligation.

The point of this is that a diametrically opposite view of world politics was established from the moment of his death. This is clearly demonstrated in the immediate reversal of Kennedy’s initiative to bring home all of our Viet Nam military personnel by 1965 (see http://www.jfklancer.com/NSAM263.html for a copy of the executive order). Orders for a massive troop build up in Viet Nam were initiated within two days of the presidents assassination. It would appear that the military industrial complex had won.

Kennedy had been successful over in the Cuban missile crises but it appears that the military industrial complex may have eliminated the major obstacle to their war agenda. To get an idea of how badly the Joint Chiefs of Staff wanted war, watch the movie Thirteen Days, which documents the course of events surrounding the Cuban missile crises.

We now know that if Kennedy had given in and approved the militarys recommend course of action that our invasionary force, that would have been required to secure the nuclear warheads, would have fallen victim to tactical nuclear weapons on the beach. So in seeking a peaceful solution, President Kennedy may have adverted a massive defeat of the invasion force and possibly a nuclear exchange with the Russians that would have been a result of the escalation of this incident.

So yes, I would say that we lost a lot with the loss of President Kennedy that day in November 1963.  As for me I still view this experience as a warning of danger from God, even to this current day.

Pray for peace!



The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


After I entered elementary school, I started to encounter things that could not be explained by the laws of physics. Some would call these strange experiences ESP or extrasensory perception. For example, I would dream things that would come true and know things that were to happen before they occurred. The following story is an example of the kind of things that I experienced that can not be explained scientifically, and in fact have been discredited by the scientific community who now state that ESP does not exist.

Here is my story for today. I was most likely nine or ten years of age when it occurred.


My mom and dad would take us to visit my aunt’s family from time to time and my sister and I looked forward to these trips because we got to play with cousins our age.

Their house was about an hour’s drive across town and we were driving home late one night after one of our visits. I was quite tired and was trying to get some sleep in the back seat. I had my head propped up against a padded door handle on the driver’s side.  Just as I started to doze off, I awoke with a start, sensing that another car was about to crash into us at the precise point where my head had been resting.

Thinking that I was being silly, I ignored the sensation and put my head back down and tried to get back to sleep. I experienced the very same sensation several times before I decided to tell my mother about it. She reaffirmed that I was in fact being silly and recommended that I dismiss it from my mind and try to go back to sleep. So, I made another attempt to suppress my fear and get some sleep.

But the sensations grew stronger and I could not stop the urge to pull my head away from the side of the car once again. Only this time another auto came crashing into the side of us at the very point where my head had been resting just a second before.

The accident turned out to be quite minor, and no one was hurt. There was a big dent in the side of our car and some broken glass but the car was drivable and we drove it the rest of the way home. 

I had to wonder though about what the outcome may have been if I had not pulled my head away at the last second. The jolt of the collision was substantial, so I suppose I could have sustained a major injury to my head or neck. In this case, I heeded the warning and made the right choice. Still, I wondered about where these warnings were coming from and why.  

Looking back at it now and by looking at all of the experiences that I have had in my life of this nature, I can say that these warnings came from God. For me these things that happened to me were a protection, a guiding.

But I really never hear much about these kinds of things from others. So I think that they must be very unusual. But are they? How about you? Have you ever had an experience of this nature, one that can not be explained by the laws of science? If so leave a comment here to tell me and my other readers about what happened to you. We would love to hear your story.

God bless

Papa Joe


Twilight Zone Realities

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

In a previous posting (Possess-the-Vision) I communicated that I was going to present a number of spiritual experiences of my life that led to the creation of the Possess the Vision Mission Statement (PTV Mission-Statement.) This is one of them.

When I entered high school I started lifting weights with my friend Kenny. He had a really good set of weights in his basement and I worked out three to four afternoons a week at his house to get into shape.

We liked to talk about things that can not be explained by our physical science. Things like ESP for example. In particular, we loved to talk about the unexplained things that we watched on the television program called, “The Twilight Zone.” We marveled that these incredible stories were touted as renditions of real life experiences. We were fascinated with ESP and wondered how in the heck someone could know of things that were to come in the future.

One day after our workout we thought that it would be great fun to test our own ESP abilities. Our plan was to test our skills by predicting cards that were pulled from a deck of cards at random. So we tested ourselves and determined that I was quite good at predicting the cards that Kenny pulled from the deck. We kept statistics on the number of correct and incorrect answers and the results were that I had a significantly higher prediction rate (about 50%) than could be explained by simple probability rates (about 4%).

So not being satisfied with this, thinking that perhaps this was just some form of luck, we decided to make our tests more difficult. We were using a Pinochle deck, which contains twenty four unique cards in a deck of forty-eight. This meant that each card in the deck had a twin. So for example, there are identical Kings of Clubs and so on.

So, the plan was that Kenny would cut the deck of cards and keep the entire set that he cut in front of him on the table. I would then also cut the deck from the remaining cards, trying to cut the only card that would match the card at the bottom of Kenny’s set. Remarkably, on the very first try we both cut the exact same card. To say the least, this was a very exciting experience. I felt that we had demonstrated a strong connection here.

We did the same thing three more times and wound up cutting matching cards two of the three times. This was remarkable. I remember my heart beating inside my chest as we continued to cut matching cards. I could also see that my friend was getting a little spooked as well. Our success was actually starting to scare us. It was then that my friend proclaimed that we would do the same thing once again, except this time we would call out the card that we would both cut in advance. I said, “Okay, let’s cut the Queen of Spades.” He cut the cards first and kept them face down on the table directly in front of him. Then I cut from the remaining cards and did likewise. Subsequently, we both turned over our cards at the same time. They were both the Queen of Spades. I remember getting an energy spike in my heart that started my chest pounding. My friend was so spooked by what happened that he got up from the table. He was very keyed up, and he proclaimed that he would never again fool around with ESP. He walked toward the entrance to the living room holding his chest, then turned and called me a freak. He turned again and entered the living room. Dismayed, I took that as an invitation to leave, and I did.

I did not see Kenny much after that. I would come to his house to work out at our regular times but he would not be there. The fact was that Kenney did not want to be my friend anymore. I guess that it is one thing to be fascinated by the thought of ESP experiences and quite another to actually experience them.

Of course, all of this leads us back to the question: “How is all of this Possible?” Based upon my own experiences, I believe that there is a spiritual realm that we can tap into because we are in fact all spiritual creatures encapsulated in physical bodies. When we tap into the spiritual realm we can often see the future because there is no time there.

I believe in God and believe that God has certainly communicated too many people in an effort to deliver His message to the rest of us. Certainly, many of these messages were delivered in the spiritual realm. How else can you explain Jean Dixons warnings to JFK prior to the assassination?  Or even my own JFK experience that I conveyed in “The-Day-Everything-Changed,” posting? These occurrences are not all that rare, although most people decline to talk about them much because of the backlash. The messages come from the spiritual realm in which God exists. They come to help us by warning us of danger or redirecting our path (see Premonition-of-an-Automobile-Accident and My-Encounter-with-a-Brick-Wall.)

So why does it work for seemingly trivial things like predicting a card to be cut from a deck? I’m not sure. One thing I do know is that just like many of my other experiences my path was changed that day. I lost a friend and my life was changed as a result. Was this for my protection? I can’t say. My message to you is to pay attention to the messages that come your way. Seek them out. Pray to be enlightened in the things of God.

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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

I was drafted into the army in July 1965 and went through basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. After this I was assigned to an infantry training unit at Fort Ord, California where I entered the Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) program. The events that I will now describe took place near the end of my training program, around November 1965.

While in the AIT program, I learned that everything was done in a pre-specified order and plan. Typically, we would get up between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m., exercise and have breakfast prior to commuting to our daily training facility. This training took place at a different location each day depending on what we had to learn. Some days we would march twenty miles to the training site, and other days we would be transported by truck. If we marched out, we were trucked back—if we were driven out, we marched back. Most training days contained both technical and applied aspects. The training component taught us what we would have to do. This was followed by practical hands-on exercises to gain experience. For example, one day we received a lecture and demonstration on throwing hand grenades. This was followed by real life exercises on a range.

After our daily training we would return to our home base. We would have physical exercise once again prior to having dinner in the mess hall. By this time, it would be getting dark outside and night would engulf us. This particular day was Wednesday which was laundry day. So, after dinner we all went go down to the quartermaster to drop off our dirty laundry and pick up what we had turned in the previous week. I had returned to the billet, stored my clean clothes in my locker, and hung my dirty clothes bag on the end of my bunk. Almost everyone in our unit was going through this same process.

Just then, I looked through the window and noticed that the street outside of our building was lit up as if a high-powered spotlight was shining on it. As I watched from inside, the light became continuously brighter—until it looked like mid day out there. It was then that I noticed the fascinating beams of light streaming through the window. The light was so bright that I could see dust particles floating in the air. I looked out through the window again and saw other soldiers on the street pointing their fingers toward the sky. Since I was not able to see the source of the light, I decided to go outside and take a look for myself. I walked toward the exit door at the other end of the building. There were a number of GI’s standing around the doorway, joking and cutting up. Since they were blocking my path to the door I said, “Excuse me guys, I would like to go outside and see what is going on out there.” But no one moved, they just continued what they were doing. It was as if they didn’t hear me. I thought that perhaps they were just preoccupied in conversation.

So, I started to walk my way through them by using my body weight when necessary. When I came to the first individual and pressed my weight directly against him I was surprised that I could not get him to budge even one inch. In fact, I may have had better luck pressing against the building we occupied. I was so overwhelmed with this person’s strength that I took a step back to see if I recognized him. When I looked at him all I noticed was that he was not moving. It was as if he was frozen stiff like a mannequin. Then I looked intently at his face and noted that his eye lids did not blink and that his eyes were fixed in one direction. At that moment I noticed that everything was quiet. I turned my head and took a look around the room. I looked at the other guys who were standing near the door just a few seconds ago. They were stationary as well. I looked back down to the far end of the billet and found everyone there was motionless as well. It was as if time had stopped. It was like someone had pushed the pause button of a DVD that we were in. We were like a three dimensional picture that captured people in mid-stride.

All of a sudden, everything started simply went back to normal. It was as if the person who pushed the pause button decided to start the move again. Talking resumed in mid-sentence and everyone simply picked up where they had left off. I eventually worked my way to the door and went outside. The bright light had retreated back into the sky and the bright light had faded and the darkness returned. Only a faint glow remained in the night sky and it quickly vanished. I watched until it eventually faded away. It seemed to me that the light was moving straight up until it got so far away that it disappeared completely.

I asked one of the guys standing on the porch what he had seen. He said that a glaring light had appeared in the sky and that it had come straight down toward earth, getting brighter as it drew closer. Then it had stopped and hovered for a while. When it began moving again it went straight up into the sky, the way it came down.

At the time I was perplexed why this happened without my knowing the reason. Just exactly what happened anyway? Certainly no science could explain this phenomenon. I wondered why I had not frozen like the others. Or, perhaps I was and did not know it. What could this have possibly been, and why did it happen to me?

One thing that I do know is that a life-changing event occurred immediately after this incident. I started when I was called into the company commander’s office. This was a very unusual event for a grunt like me and it usually meant that you were in serious trouble. I entered his office with the standard salute and salutation, “Private Gordon reporting as requested, sir.” I stood there at attention as he asked me if I knew that I had a Type 2 profile on my eyes. “Sir, I do not even know what a Type 2 profile means, Sir” I responded. He explained that it meant that I was legally blind without glasses and as a result, I was unsuitable for combat and could not serve in an infantry unit. When he told me this I remember thinking to myself, after eight weeks of this training they somehow just figured this out? After all, my eyes were tested when I first entered the service. But this is how the army seemed to operate.

At the time, it never dawned on me that I had just received a huge break. After all, the rest of my unit would likely used to form an infantry battalion headed straight for Viet Nam. But, I never got to find out. We parted ways that very day, and I never heard from any of them again. So, certainly my fate could have been quite different.

I would never have thought any more about this event or its implications if it had not been for its inclusion into my book, “Possess the Vision.” In fact, I had never before made the connection between the events of that night and my removal from the infantry unit. Both events were very unusual and occurred practically at the same time. The first seemed to me to be like an angel came down from heaven. The second event was the unexpected discovery that I could not serve in an infantry unit and therefore would have to be transferred to another training unit and be assigned another military occupation. One has to wonder why these events occurred when they did. It is the time proximity of these two events that leads me to wonder if the two events could have been connected.

In most cases this type of association would be classified as a coincidence. It is only after reviewing all the other pieces of circumstantial evidence that I began to see the big picture. By connecting all the evidence, it appears that God had been intervening and protecting me all along. So why not in this case as well?

For example, remember the prior section that covered my dreams of being like a Superman, the premonition of the automobile accident, and the warning of the brick wall? These were all warnings but they were also followed by interventions. In one case the speeding car somehow stopped, in another I pulled my head away prior to a crash, and in the third, the stalled car miraculously started on seemingly the last turn of the starter. You will learn of more events of this type as you continue through this blog


My Encounter with a Brick Wall

In my previous posting (Possess-the-Vision) I communicated that I was going to present the spiritual experiences of my life that led to the creation of the Possess the Vision Mission Statement (PTV Mission-Statement.)

The experience I am about to communicate to you took place while I was in grade school. It will prove to be quite unbelievable to most people, and to be perfectly honest, would have been disregarded by me as well if it were not for all of the other unexplained spiritual experiences of my life. It is the story of a warning that comes from God in the form of a dream and then is followed up by an intervention from God.

The Morning Star Rising on the First Day

Prior to becoming a teenager I had a series of experiences that were quite unusual. It all started when I had a dream that I came to a brick wall that blocked my path. In the dream I tried to get past the wall in many different ways but was unable to do so.

In my dream I found myself continuously searching for a way that would get me past this obstacle. For example, I would search for a way through the wall by looking for holes or week spots. Not find any I would then search for a way around the wall but only found impassable dead ends. After that I searched along the base of the wall only to find no way under it. Next, I contemplated how I might be able to go over the wall, but I could not manage it. Once I had tried all of the possible ways to pass by the wall, I would start back at the beginning and complete the cycle of searches over again. I just kept searching and searching, over and over again without success. Even worse I had this dream several times over the course of several months. Frequently, the dream would last through the night, ending when I awoke still trying to find a way to the other side.

One evening I joined up with some of the kids in the neighborhood who were hanging out down the street. Interestingly, some of these kids were the ones who had the great laugh on me in the bogeyman story (Seeing-the-Devil-at-a-Young-Age). An addition was that one of the boys had an older brother present. We were standing around and talking when the older brother suggested that we all go down to Hastings Street.

I was by far the youngest and had no idea what Hastings Street was or why anyone might want to go there. Much later in life I found out that it was one of the highest crime areas in Detroit. It was a black section of town in which anything and everything was happening. The other boys all wanted to go, so I jumped in the older brother’s car for what I thought would be a nice ride.

As we drove along, the older brother started to take big gulps from a bottle of flavored vodka that he had stashed under the driver’s seat. It seemed that in no time at all he was quite drunk. In fact, by the time we got to Hastings Street he was a sloppy, goofy drunk and way out of control.

I was in the back seat sandwiched between two of the other boys as we cruised very slowly down Hastings Street. Looking out through the car windows I saw large groups of people walking and seemingly just hanging out on the street. There were women in fancy clothes standing on the street corners and under streetlights. There were bars with their doors propped open that spewed out the loud music being played inside.

For some reason our totally intoxicated driver started to sing in a very loud voice, “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.” Being very amused with himself, he followed his newly created song with a loud belly laugh. Then he rolled down his window, hung his head out and sang as loudly as he could, “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes,” and again he followed up with another belly laugh.

I remember being embarrassed at first. But after a few renditions, I started to become quite concerned because of the inappropriateness of this activity, especially in this neighborhood.

To make things worse we couldn’t get him to stop. He just kept repeating his homemade song and laughing again and again. Now the other boys started shouting at him and telling him to shut up but he ignored their comments and continued. Then they threatened him with violence and promised that they would collectively jump on him and beat the crap out of him if he didn’t stop. No response. Then they actually started slapping him on the head when we came to the stoplight.

The light was red and we were nervously waiting for it to change to green so that we could start moving again. When the light changed and we had crossed the intersection I gasped at what I saw through the windshield. A chill went down my spine as the car slowed down because of the red brick wall that crossed the entire roadway. It was the wall I saw in my dream.

There was obviously no way around it on Hastings Street either, so we initiated a u-turn. But our inebriated driver was having difficulty making the turn. As we were about halfway through the turn I could see men coming out from between the buildings and out of the alleys in front of the wall. They were carrying weapons in their hands, baseball bats, lumber, and tire irons. As I looked around I could see that they were coming at us from several directions.

In the meantime, our drunk driver stalled the car after having turned it back toward the light. He tried restarting but the engine did not start. It turned over and over again, but did not start. I looked and the men were getting closer. The groaning sound of the car’s starter was now slowing down as it became obvious that the battery was rapidly losing power.

When I thought that it would stop turning over altogether I noticed that groups of angry men were getting much closer. It was then that a horrible thought came to me—it was possible we could all die here and no one would ever know what happened. Just when I was about to give up hope, and seemingly on its last turn of the engine, the car fired up. The engine was now roaring, apparently due to the accelerator being floored.  Our driver now seemed very sober, dropped the shifter down into first gear and we peeled away. But by now the angry men were now running alongside and behind the car. I watched them just a few feet away slamming the car with their bats, two by fours and tire irons. The sounds of these weapons hitting the sheet metal of the car were horrific. We finally started to pick up speed and pull away from the angry mob that chased us down the street. I am sure that if we had been there just a few more seconds, our fate may have met a quite different ending.

In looking back at this incident, I know that the dream of the brick wall was another warning from God. But then just exactly what could I have done? I did not have to get into the car but then how was I to know that it would lead me to the brick wall? There is no way that I could have known!

Perhaps it was God’s way of letting me know that He was there watching over me and protecting me from harm. Let’s think this through for a moment. If there was no dream, then I would just be one of six lucky guys who escaped from a potentially horrific circumstance that they got themselves into. But because there was dream, (in fact a series of persistent dreams), means two very important things. First, that a force greater than I knew that this event was about to happen. And second, that this force was able to change the circumstances that may have led to an ill faded outcome. If that were not the case then we would not have been in danger and therefore there would be no reason for the dream at all.

But there is a bigger message as well. I believe that the brick wall that crossed by path had a bigger message. I believe that the road way represented my life and that the brick wall represented its premature ending. My search for a way around the wall was a reflection of my will to live. Therefore, the message is clear. The forces of evil are planning to abort your life. Although I did not know it at the time, it was an attack of spiritual warfare. This was the second time I had looked death in the eyes (see I-Dream-that-i-was-Like-Superman)and it would prove not to be the last. The next attempt will leave no doubt as to what was going on. We will tell you about it in one of our future postings.

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The Morning Star Rising on the First Day


In my previous posting (Possess-the-Vision) I communicated that I was going to present the spiritual experiences of my life that led to the creation of the Possess the Vision Mission Statement (PTV Mission-Statement.)

The experience I am about to communicate to you took place while I was in grade school. It will prove to be quite unbelievable to most people, and to be perfectly honest, would have been disregarded by me as well if it were not for all of the other unexplained spiritual experiences of my life. It is the story of a warning that comes from God in the form of a dream and then is followed up by an intervention from God.

My mom and dad would take us to visit my aunt’s family from time to time. We looked forward to these trips because we got to play with cousins our age.

Their house was about an hour’s drive across town and we were driving home late one night after one of our visits. I was tired and was trying to get some sleep in the back seat of our car. I had my head propped up against the interior wall on the driver’s side when I started to doze off. Then suddenly, I quickly awoke with a start sensing that another car was about to crash into us at the precise point where my head was resting.

Thinking about my feeling for a moment brought me to the conclusion that I was just imagining things and so I ignored the sensation and tried to get back to sleep.

But when I did I found that the experienced just kept happening over and over again and so I told my mother about it. She reaffirmed that I was in fact just imagining things and recommended that I dismiss these thoughts from my mind and try to go back to sleep.

So, I made another attempt to suppress my fear and get some sleep but the fact was that the sensation of an impending crash became very strong again and I could not help but pull my head away from the side of the car. This time the result was different however, as an auto came crashing into our car exactly at the point where my head had been resting just a second before. The accident turned out to be minor, and thankfully no one was hurt.

Still, I had to wonder about what the outcome may have been if I had not pulled my head away at the last second. The jolt of the collision was substantial so who knows what had been avoided. I suppose I could have sustained major injury to my head or neck, or perhaps even worse.

In this case, I heeded the warning and made the right choice. Still, at the time I can remember about wondering about where these warnings were coming from and why.

Just to make things clear, I now know that these were warnings from God who was protecting me from harm. I know that each of us is born with a purpose and that the devil will try to abort that purpose in any one of a multitude of ways. So please pay attention to these messages from God and act on them. Your immortal life may depend on it.